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Luxury houses for sale Croatia

Would you like to buy or sell a luxury property in Croatia?

Christie’s International Real Estate – Remington Realty has specialized in the brokerage of luxury properties. Most houses and apartments are of a high or very high standard.

Exclusive real estate market

Thanks to the very good demand for exclusive and luxury real estate in Croatia, a continued positive development in value on the housing market can be derived. In the next few years, Croatia should continue to grow strongly in relation to other European countries.

Buyers and sellers, but also tenants and landlords of exclusive real estate in Croatia, should ensure that their real estate agent specializes in a certain clientele or property group. Real estate in the upscale and luxury segment in particular is often only transferred to specialized real estate agents in Croatia and marketed discreetly.

The range of valuable and luxury properties is limited and in great demand. This potential should be in the hands of specialist real estate agents when buying or selling an apartment, house or villa. Every sale of an exclusive property in Croatia by Christie’s International Real Estate – Remington Realty is preceded by a careful market assessment as well as a professional real estate appraisal by our certified experts.

If you would like to know what potential there is in your house or apartment in Croatia, or if you have any other concerns about your property, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our real estate agents are always at your side. We are happy to assist you at our office in Opatija or during an on-site visit to your exclusive property in Croatia.


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