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The world's leading real estate broker, Christie's International Real Estate, is expanding its business to Croatia through the associated company Remington Realty Croatia.

Croatia has been recognized as a destination with great potential for the development of the luxury segment of the real estate market, and they plan to expand to the whole of Southeast Europe.

The expansion of Christie’s International Real Estate business in Croatia and Southeast Europe is good news for owners of prominent and luxury real estate in this area.

Through the world’s leading brokerage house Christie’s International Real Estate and its marketing platform for the sale and rental of luxury properties followed by buyers from all over the world, owners of prominent and luxury properties can now very easily place their property on the world market.

"By opening an affiliated office of Christie's International Real Estate, Croatia gets an unrivaled platform for positioning on the global map of the luxury real estate market, as well as for attracting international qualified buyers. Properties are being presented globally, combining new media with proven marketing tools and reaching out to prominent buyers, global investors and well-known business leaders. We will be happy to connect the owners of luxury real estate in Croatia with a high class of buyers and thus significantly develop the segment of luxury real estate in Croatia, "said Ivan Kovačić, CEO of Remington Realty Croatia.

Christie’s International Real Estate has been successfully trading luxury real estate around the world for more than 30 years, and their clients are prominent figures from public life and the business world, such as members of the Kennedy family or the founder of Calvin Klein, whose estates they currently represent. Their website records more than 52 million visits a year.

The size of Christie’s International Real Estate is best illustrated by the fact that in the last five years, their network has achieved real estate sales worth $ 500 billion. They offer unrivaled services to a global clientele of luxury residential real estate, through their affiliates. They are present in 49 markets with 940 offices, including London, New York, Hong Kong, Moscow, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Remington Realty Croatia will mediate in the sale, purchase and rental of prominent real estate through Remington Realty and Christie’s International Real Estate network and the global marketing platform. Business activities will include attracting international qualified buyers, investors and developers for real estate projects, as well as providing professional support and advice to sellers and real estate developers. The foundation of business for Remington Realty Croatia are global know-how and local expertise.

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September 23, 2020

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