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Game, Set, Match: Discover 3 Homes Featuring Exclusive Private Tennis Courts

When it comes to luxury living, there's something truly captivating about having your own private tennis court just steps from your front door. Whether you're an avid tennis enthusiast or simply appreciate the charm and versatility of this sport, homes with tennis courts offer an unparalleled level of elegance, convenience, and fun.

If you're looking to make the dream of owning a house with a tennis court a reality, explore these exceptional properties currently available:


Villa with heated pool and tennis court - Central Istria


Located in Central Istria, this villa combines a heated pool and a tennis court for an extraordinary living experience. The property spans across a substantial land plot, providing ample space for outdoor activities. This villa is an embodiment of modern luxury, featuring not only the tennis court and heated pool but also meticulously designed interiors that offer comfort and sophistication.

You can find more details and images of this property here.


 Istrian stone house with pool and tennis court


This charming Istrian stone house seamlessly marries tradition with modernity. Nestled amidst scenic surroundings, it boasts a refreshing pool and a private tennis court that invite you to indulge in outdoor activities. The property offers an authentic Istrian experience with its stone architecture and contemporary amenities.

Discover more about this captivating property here.


Stone house with pool and tennis court - Istria


Situated in Istria, this stone house is an embodiment of elegance and comfort. With a generously-sized pool and a tennis court, it's an ideal setting for active living and leisure. The property exudes timeless charm with its stone facade while offering modern amenities for a comfortable lifestyle.

Explore the details and images of this inviting property here.


These exquisite properties exemplify the allure of houses with tennis courts. They provide the opportunity to live in a serene and luxurious environment while enjoying the convenience of having your own private tennis court. If you're seeking the ultimate blend of elegance, activity, and entertainment, these homes are the perfect match for your lifestyle.

Remember owning a home with a tennis court isn't just about having a place to play; it's about embracing a lifestyle where luxury, leisure, and sport converge seamlessly. Whether you're a dedicated tennis player or someone who values the beauty and functionality of a tennis court, these properties offer an exceptional opportunity to experience the best of both worlds.



September 15, 2023

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